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Scott and Angela Winsteads

"Our goal as a company, is for you to relax and enjoy retirement."

"We’ve created a process to help do that. With RetireSimply™we make the plan simple, so we can have real conversations and plan together. If we can't explain it simply, we're making it too complicated. 

The goal is that everyone can easily understand the plan laid out for their retirement. That's the beauty of RetireSimply™."

Scott & Angela Winstead
Founders / RetireSimply

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Do the right thing…regardless of the outcome, always!


Be transparent
and up-front


Actively give back
to the community


Treat everyone
with respect


Say “Please”
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Our Team

Scott Winstead

Scott Winstead

Founder and Retirement Professional

“Life has a very funny way of throwing curveballs at us, and we don’t ever get to pick and choose when they come. What we do get to pick and choose is how prepared we are when they do come. I want you to take the first step in being prepared for curveballs when they do come your way in retirement.”

Since 2009, Scott has helped families just like yours prepare and have a true plan to help you pursue retirement success. As an author, podcaster, and frequent presenter, you’ll come to enjoy Scott’s sense of humor and his love for helping families prepare for retirement curveballs that might come their way.

Scott has passed the series 7, 63 and 65 securities exams and also holds a life, health, and annuity licenses in Texas.

In his spare time he enjoys hunting and fishing, but also has a deep appreciation for improving his cooking skills. Spending quality time with his family and friends is what Scott loves most. You’ll see Scott on the sidelines coaching his two children’s teams, and being active in any way he can as he is a former Division 1 soccer athlete.

A special note from Scott to you:

"We don't want you to run out of money in retirement. You can have all the money in the world but if you don't know how to generate an income with it, it doesn't matter. The great news is that there is only one requirement for my wife and I to work with you, you have to be nice. If you meet that, I promise you that we'll bend over backwards for you to help you create a plan for your future."

Angela Winstead

Angela Winstead

Co-Founder and Retirement Professional

“Think about us as your guide in retirement. If you were going to climb a mountain and haven’t done it before, you’ll probably take a guide. That’s how we help families just like yours in retirement is by being your retirement guide.”

Angela is a second-generation financial professional and strongly believes that it’s her mission to spread her message of financial knowledge to empower people to take charge of their financial well being. As podcaster and frequent presenter, when you work with Angela you’ll see her passion for what she does day in and day out in helping families pursue long term financial success.

Angela a licensed insurance professional who regularly continues to gain education to better help her clients and has completed various courses as the Compass Retirement business grows and progresses.

You’ll see her spending quality time with her family cooking, exploring the outdoors, or even trying new foods. Angela loves volunteering for Dallas/Fort Worth organizations such as Tarrant county Toy Drive and Grace and Art in the Square, and has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for different charities throughout her 25 years here being in this area.

A special note from Angela to you:

"As you head towards retirement, don't keep your finances like a junk drawer you might have in your house. You've done your part to get towards retirement, let's make sure you have a great strategy in place so that if you live a long life, you have the funds to support you through it."


Joseph Turek

Retirement Planner


Byron Jimmerson

Client Specialist


Blaine Botkin

Customer Service Representative


Alyssa Plunkett

Administrative Specialist


Rob Poynor

Vice President of Marketing


Julie Barbour

Client Experience Specialist