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The number one question from our survey we did to kick off the year was…. do I have enough?

Do you have enough is a pretty broad term when you take a look at the question itself. We wanted to define what is enough for you since not only was this the number one answer when we asked people what their biggest concern was before they retired, but it’s also the number one question we get when we sit down with people.

Have you heard of the phrase, sit on the porch number?

What is the sit on the porch number?

  • A dollar amount that it takes you to basically sit on your porch every month
  • It doesn’t include going on vacation, or going out to eat every day (even though that would be nice right?)
  • It includes the necessities of life; your cost to have a home, for insurance, food, etc…
  • It’s the first amount that should be considered when determining if you have enough income to retire…

If you want to listen to our podcast where we dive deep into “Do I Have Enough,”  Click here to listen the full episode.

P.S. We even have a worksheet to find your sit on the porch number, click here to download it.

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