Angela Winstead

Learning how to avoid costly mistakes may be the best investment you can make.

Join us May 26 for a complimentary event with Angela Winstead.

Clear, concise, TIMELY and informative, this event will demonstrate ways you can use the latest information to help accurately navigate you through the retirement process.

Women have different retirement concerns than men - for example, we live longer. As women we are expected to live longer, but we tend to plan for about the same period of time as men and that can present challenges for both your financial and physicial wellness.

You will leave this event with highly valuable information that you can act upon immediately.

These events are complimentary with no obligation and nothing will be sold.

  • Learn the importance of an income plan that works regardless or life changes

  • Discover ways to identify and potentially reduce the risk of running out of income in retirement.

  • Understand Social Security pitfalls to avoid and how to maximize hard-earned benefits.

  • Identify sources of income and strategies to help ensure running out of money is not an option.

Event Location:

Grapevine Recreation Center
1175 Municipal Way
Grapevine, TX 76051
6:30 PM - May 26, 2021

Women's Exclusive Workshop

Register today for our complimentary event at The Grapevine Recreation Center at 6:30 with Angela Winstead.

Date of Workshop:

May 26, 2021

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