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Reviews of RetireSimply™

Let's face it, it's a big deal in choosing the right team to work with you on planning your retirement.

You've worked your entire life to get to a point of being able to retire, and you deserve to know what others have said about working with someone on creating a plan to enjoy it.

That's why we invited several of our clients to sit down and give their honest feedback on working with us. Now, we invite you to watch and educate yourself on what you can expect in working with us.


What are our credentials and backgound?

We're glad you asked!

Working for You

First, RetireSIMPLY™ is an independent financial services firm. We are not tied to specific products like most large institutions, meaning we have a wide variety of financial tools we can use to help you create your retirement strategy and find what works for you. Learn more about Scott and Angela Winstead by clicking here.

Members of the Better Business Bureau

Second, we have qualified for the Better Business Bureau based upon meeting and maintaining standards of trust criteria. Being a member indicates our commitment to high ethical business standards and advertising practices.

The Better Business Bureau membership provides no guaranteed assurance or warranty of the character or competence of the member. BBB charges a fee for BBB Accreditation. Always make financial decisions on the basis of your own due diligence.
Scott Winstead

A special note
from Scott to you:

"We don't want you to run out of money in retirement. You can have all the money in the world but if you don't know how to generate an income with it, it doesn't matter. The great news is that there is only one requirement for my wife and I to work with you, you have to be nice. If you meet that, I promise you that we'll bend over backwards for you to help you create a plan for your future."


A special note from Angela to you:

"As you head towards retirement, don't keep your finances like a junk drawer you might have in your house. You've done your part to get towards retirement, let's make sure you have a great strategy in place so that if you live a long life, you have the funds to support you through it."